Founder / Managing Director

I have had a love affair for all things design since before I can remember. As a teenager my parents spoilt me with Interior Design and Architectural books and magazines, which allowed me to subconsciously escape and immerse myself into the world of beautiful interiors spaces.

This love affair turned into so much more when I transcending into Interior Architecture, Interior design and Retail design studies.

My learnings soon fused with the Interior visuals I had carried for years that saw rooms at my family’s homes redesigned and remodelled. These homes rooms and years of studying and dreaming soon evolved into what became my own emaginarium, my first home a small space full of welcomed design challenges and big ideas.

Consciously I have stopped counting the embarrassing number of homes I have owned at the expense of my love of projects, design, the design process and experiences.

Looking back I have enjoyed countless design challenges, managed and handed over many turnkey projects from concept to completion for wonderful clients, lodges at Leopard Creek golf course, homes abroad, offices in Hyde Park and retail stores for big brands to name a few.

This design love affair now many years in the making continues to be a neverending passion, bought to life by travel experiences, music, people, personal growth, nature and technology.